Saturday, November 28, 2015

Target is killing me. Loft of Love by Our Generation. Yay Modern!!!

Target just dropped the $49.99 price for the Lori 6" Doll - Dollhouse down to $37.50!! BUT it's only sold in stores, so check if it is in stock before running to your local Target. Also called "Lori by OG Loft of Love Dollhouse" (OG is for Our Generation) it is going for RIDICULOUS prices on ebay (seriously, shame on them for selling for $175-$500!)

I'm hoping this is a new line and not just a one-off for the holiday season. The loft comes with the kitchen/bar/bar stools, but the living room, bedroom, office and outdoor furniture come in four separate sets. The furniture seems to also only be available in store and not online. On ebay the sets of furniture are selling for about $115 for all 4, Target is selling them for $12.99 each but only in some stores.

The loft fits 6" dolls and measures 18.5" tall, 20" wide and 12" deep which makes it great for 1:12 scale. It's made out of plastic and wood and requires 3 AAA batteries to operate the lamp in the kitchen.

Below is a video tour, plus click here for a blog review with more pictures

The hubs put his foot down on yet another dollhouse unless I get rid of one, so I may have to hit up Santa to bring this one for "my kids". Heck $37.50!?!?! Who can pass that up?

(Super thanks to Modern MC and Call-small for always keeping me in the loop on new modern houses)


  1. Oh no! I am under the same restriction but I cannot resist. Especially because it just popped up and changed so I could buy it online. Where will I hide it?

    1. I'm in Northern California and they are only for sale in-store here. Was shipping expensive? It will be hard to hid as it is sold assembled. Good luck!

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